CEO and co-founder of GnS Economics Ltd
Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki.
Vice Chairman of EuroThinkTank

Research interests: Economic growth, economic crises, macroeconomics, income inequality

The challenge is to develop macroeconomic models that can work in stormy conditions: models that incorporate radical uncertainty and therefore a high degree of unpredictability in human behavior.
– Robert Skidelsky (2017)

Monetary union has created a conflict between a centralized elite on the one hand, and the forces of democracy at the national level on the other. This is extraordinarily dangerous.
– Mervyn King (2016)

But everyone can understand something of the effects of the current financial crisis. For the country as a whole those effects are such that it seems safe to say that understanding financial crises is the most important task facing economists today. It ought to be an obsession. The human toll from crises makes this so.
– Gary B. Gorton (2012)