The economic development of Finland

How has Finland reached its status as one of the rich industrial countries? In this course, we seek answers to this question starting from the early years of autonomy under the Russian Empire.

Course consists on 12 lectures from which six will be kept by the lecturer. Students will form groups of 2 to 3 people and select and present a topic from a predetermined list during the remaining eight lectures. Course will be graded based on the presentation (1/3 of the grade) and the essay (2/3 of the grade)


Lecture 1:  Introduction

Lecture 2: First and second waves of industrialization

Lecture 3: Third wave of industrialization

Lecture 4: The history of Finland’s currency and monetary policy

Lecture 5: History of strikes in Finland and Finland and the euro

Government to scrap bank holidays and 1st day of sick leave
Yle: Unions plan massive demonstration
Friday’s strike to halt all rail traffic
Schools to stay open during Friday’s protests
Prime Minister would drop labour austerity plan in exchange for holiday pay cuts

Lecture 6: Economic crises during the era of Finnish markka